Sony Xperia Z3

As many predicted long before the event Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) 2014, 5 to 10 September 2014. In the previous post author describes a number of smartphones that will be in the release even though not all of the authors mentioned, please read our previous post: Readmore...


LG Optimus G Pro (Unlocked)

LG F240S Optimus G Pro 4G LTE is a new and updated version of Optimus G smartphone and comes with notable enhancements in display, size and processor. It features a huge 5.5-inch True Full HD IPS Plus LCD that essentially makes it a phablet. Readmore..

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Features Canon 650D and Nikon D5200 Which One is Best?

The beginner segment is always interesting to discuss, because the camera in this segment is still quite affordable but its already abundant and can be therefore people are no longer interested in buying a more expensive camera class. Readmore...

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Review OPPO Find 5

In 2013 was the triumph of mobile phones with a screen resolution of Full HD TV rival. OPPO Find 5 is one of them, 5 inch screen includes a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. This makes the screen OPPO Find 5 has a density of 441ppi, alias the same as the Sony Xperia Z and HTC Butterfly. Readmore...


9 Smartphone with Most Durable Battery in the World

9 Smartphone with Most Durable Battery in the World. In addition to its features, things we should consider when choosing smartphones are the specifications, one of which is the battery life. Smartphone useless we have a sophisticated but battery endurance for a while, we will be annoyed at having to often to charge our smartphones. Readmore...

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Tsu 1.0.3 APK Free - Social Networking Apps for Android

A new social network called 
Tsu , will reward the user, the content that is created in the network. Networks created by technology entrepreneur from New York yangb standing in 2013, but the new website was launched on 14 October.
The founders were Sebastian Sobczak, Drew Ginsburg, Thibault Boullenger, and Jonathan Lewin. What distinguishes Tsu with Facebook or other newcomers, Ello , is a tribute to the users in the form of money. This site displays ads, and promises to pay users for their contributions in the network.
Reported by ZDNet ,  the working principle of this site is simple. The more attractive and user-generated content is widespread, more and more acceptable wage / the more money that is generated. Tsu will only retain 10% of their income from advertising, and the remaining 90% distributed to users. At first glance, the concept is similar to MLM ( Multi Level Marketing ).
"If you compare it with existing social networks today, they are similar to radio stations playing songs everyone without giving them a royalty," said Sobczak , one of the founders quoted re / code . "It is not unusual when the user has made ​​a valuable free content for them, and can be 100% make money," he continued.
To join this network, only through invitation. But do not worry, the user who successfully invite other users, will also miss wages. Or, you can join through a user account address, for example through my address is:
use this for registration. 

tsu - Social & Payment Network - screenshot thumbnail   tsu - Social & Payment Network - screenshot thumbnail  tsu - Social & Payment Network - screenshot thumbnail

TSU is a free social network that gives back to your income. Instead, we focus on the payment. It is the right thing to do. Share url of your members and start building your family tree. The application is available for iOS and Android.

Download APK Files tsu (Version History)

tsu APK
Download tsu 1.0.3:
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Monday, January 19, 2015

Tips on Securing Online Account from Hackers

 Securing online account
Tips on Securing Online Account from Hackers - breaker or easier a system we call the hacker is the greatest threat to anyone whose activities cyberspace.Both activities work or just playing around in the world of social networking. Most of us, still underestimate account burglary cases committed by people who are not responsible. They generally act as the curiosity to test its ability to actually have a purpose why breaking into another person's account.
As an example of just that recently occurred, there are hackers to hack someone's Facebook account. The account owner is initially normal, maybe there dibenaknya assume that the hacker that was just for fun without having any purpose. But it turned out to be the act of the hackers increasingly lead to fraud. He randomly chose a close friend of the owner of the account to send a private message one by one. The contents of private messages are urged everyone to send hack victim had a pulse. No half-hearted, fraud or money usually asks pulse of at least 100 thousand. With all deceit delivered via private message, many close friends of the victims of mindless hack and money re-transmit pulses in accordance with the request. Understandably, the breaker is often claimed that the victims were hacked earlier accident.
Based on the above case, it will make you more wary managing online accounts owned. Such as Facebook, Twitter, Email, Website login and so forth. Especially the most important is the account that the security of your email should be layered. For that you should prevent burglary is the method that is often underestimated by many internet users. Because indeed Tips Securing Online Account from Hackers that will be discussed in the post is fairly simple but very important to note. Please refer to the tips below:
  • Use Strong Passwords
Is a must for us to use a strong password each accounts we have. But is this really you have done? It did not seem too, because most of us will only use a simple password. Suppose birth date, because it is only by means of the date of birth of the owner will remember it easily. From now on, the better you fix this trivial. Immediately change your password with a stronger again.Enter some combination of numbers, letters and symbols. Make sure your password is not easily guessed by others or people nearby.
  • Use Different Passwords
The number of online accounts owned, making sebagain people prefer to use the same password on every account its online. Both social networks, email and the password for the website / blog. Obviously this is very dangerous, especially if the accounts that you have is very important. Just imagine, when there is one successful your account burglarized such as Facebook. What will happen next? To be sure all the accounts that you have to be brushed off by rogue breaker. And the most frightening is when the breaker has mastered your email account.Therefore, use different passwords on any online accounts you hold.
  • Use Applications business Password
After running to the two previous tips, you are possessed many online accounts will be faced again with a fairly complicated problem, namely the management of passwords. Passwords that are difficult to memorize and vary from one account to another account definitely make you confused. But do not worry, now a lot of free applications that have utility for managing your passwords. The author recommends that you use software like Roboform or LastPass. To these two applications are very pupuler among netizens.
  • Use Double Email
A breaker, usually go after primary email account suaru. Because of this primary email are open, it will easily disassemble the breaker you log in to an account. For this reason, do not ever hesitate to make email more than one. Which make the primary email, while others hide them without anyone knows. By practicing this, you will be able to recover the password for an account that is successfully broken through the main email. Quite utilize Forgot password option must be on the faithful forn logged in, you can control your account via email others unknown by others, including the hacker said.
Simple tips above often we underestimate. Though a very large influence on the accounts that we have. There is no harm in practicing step by step over the line in order to keep your account safe, minimally difficult to break into. Because for the author himself, as powerful and as strong as the security of a system, there is still a gap to be exploited by hackers.
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Asus ZenFone Zoom, Android Smartphone Lollipop With 4Gb RAM 2015

As early habits have always held the Consumer Electronics Show in which the electronics manufacturer can memaperkan their latest products unique and competitive qualified, in January is now back again at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, USA. Many manufacturers of both famous and new smartphone displaying their latest gadgets in the hope will entice consumers before descending global kepasaran. One thing that is interesting is the latest whiz who came from ASUS headquarters, they showcased the duo innards with the specification can be said to be "highly qualified" plus as previous habits, price tag for both fairly friendly and able to make a shaky senior brand. Asus ZenFone 2 and Asus ZenFone ZOOM is a smartphone based on Android OS duo v5 (Lollipop) with a capacity of up to 4GB of RAM. This occasion opportunity to provide a summary of the specifications and price Asus ZenFone Zoom, the following explanation.

Specifications Asus ZenFone Zoom

First, the screen aspect of technology use IPS LCD capacitive touch screen measuring 5.5 inches with a resolution of 1080p span x 1920 pixels, plus a 401-deep image density becomes quite elegant introduction to the prospective buyer. Toughness Corning Gorilla Glass 3 help provide support for aspects of screen protection segment of the impact of the collision and friction rough sharp objects.
Price Asus ZenFone Zoom
Indeed Asus ZenFone Zoom is the first camera phone made ​​by Asus that is ready to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Kzoom or Nokia Lumia 1020. The front display take Zenfone design and the rear there is a camera feature. Asus claims that the latest Android smartphone Lollipop 2015 was also a camera phone with 3X Optical Zoom feature thinnest at this time.
See Asus ZenFone Zoom closer we can get the new smartphone dibesutkan chipset Intel Atom processor Z3580 with a 64-bit architecture bertenagakan Quad Core that has been tested is able to throw the best performance up to 2.3 GHz. Zenfone Zoom is available in two versions which use the serial lowest and the highest 2Gb 4Gb RAM.
Zoom Asus ZenFone price is fairly low, but in fact the specifications offered are not cheap, the interface aspects still rely friendly display ZenUi but already wearing the latest OS Android Lollipop, maybe Zoom can you call a Android smartphone with 4Gb RAM Lollipop first sold in the world. Besides that, ASUS Indonesia said that the phone is plugged better graphics chip that is known is that the GPU PowerVR G6430, sized HD gaming weight remains smooth with no lag.
Asus ZenFone Zoom Camera
Features 3X Optical Zoom Zoom Asus ZenFone
Furthermore, photography features Asus ZenFone Zoom adjust its name, the main part using 13 megapixel sensor caliber lens laser autofocus feature that gives the object of concentration faster, dual LED flash, manual controls, a 3x optical zoom that allows users to take photos in more detail. Increase of the highest version of Asus ZenFone 6 earlier that brought forward 2 mp camera, the latest version of Asus ZenFone is now wearing a 5 MP sensor, used for video calls selfie or more steady.
Data storage is also very spacious, with a 128GB internal memory after the user can add microSD memory up to a maximum capacity of 64Gb. Includes data connectivity Cat4 4G LTE network.The user is also given an online data storage space of 5Gb on ASUS WebStorage. Finally, a mobile phone with a fairly complete feature is supported by the non-removable battery Li-Po 3000 mAh. Of the many advantages offered by us have flaws Asus ZenFone Zoom using the battery can not be removed if deteriorated, the battery can not be removed to be replaced.

Price Asus ZenFone Zoom

Asus ZenFone Zoom is already available in the market with the price tag of $ 400.
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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

10 Tips and How to Distinguish Genuine and Counterfeit Smartphone

The rapid advancement of Technology Latest Gadgets prove that increasing the level of human intelligence. Various innovation and technological gadgets is increasing from year to year. Naturally, if the community is to make the latest gadgets as one of the lifestyle that must be met. Every new series with more advanced technology gadgets, then not a few who are trying to have it even have to wait in line for days to become buyers gadget in question. This has become a phenomenon that can not be avoided. In terms of the development of the telecommunications industry, it is certainly a good impact. But it turns out the impact of the development of lifestyle to have the latest gadget is not only limited to these. It is also often used as an opportunity for a few people to make profits by not not kosher, ie by forging products of the latest smartphone to benefit in a way not true. If this happens to you, you desire smartphone was counterfeit, certainly very painful. Therefore, as consumers we need to also know Smartphone Tips and How to Distinguish Genuine and Counterfeit before we buy it. As quoted from, here are 10 tips and How to Distinguish Genuine and Fake Smartphone for you from being exposed to fraud by buying a smartphone false. READ detailed specifications

In general, for mobile devices coming out now is able to run on GSM 850/900/1800/1900 networks and a minimum of 3G HSDPA 850/900/1900/2100, but for prosthetic devices can not do it. In addition to the network, from the specification of the processor is also used as the standard assessment. Then, from the capacity of the RAM and ROM it will see the difference. In the original device, in general, the capacity of the RAM and ROM will be greater, while in counterfeit products is very limited even with only 512MB of course. Not only that, camera, screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth until the battery can also be used as an assessment of whether the goods are counterfeit or not.
Indeed, not all devices can use this code, but the majority can do. To check the IMEI number, you can press * # 06 # and the IMEI number has appeared when the screen, try to fit with the IMEI in his box. After that, you can find out where the assembly of the product with a view of the IMEI number series to seven and eight. There are special codes that you can make a referral to see a device of making it on Google.
This method is relatively easy, because by using the data exif photos taken with the camera in the device, it can be seen clearly the authenticity of the smartphone. When you capture an object using a camera on a mobile device, when the results are in check in the Gallery or also when transferred to a PC, the properties will be seen full exif data.
In this way, it will be more reliable information about the mobile device you want to know the status. Using the Benchmark test application, it can be seen up to speed performance of the device.
In general, each vendor will always have the characteristic of the product release. Although it looks the same, but the shape, design and color of the original and different false. Weight, screen size and detail of the device can also be used as a reference to determine whether the goods are counterfeit or genuine.
In some ways, this one can not be used as the main reference, because today many 'actors' that have started to make a warranty card which of course is also false. However, not all the fake device makers are able to also make the warranty card. Therefore, although it can not be used as a primary weapon, but the way of identification through the warranty card is also quite effective.
FEEL perfomanya
Of course, if an item is genuine juxtaposed with counterfeit goods, then the end result would indicate that the original device was the one who will come out as winners. In general, access and operation of the prosthetic device is slower and requires patience. That is because the capacity of the RAM contained in it are too small to use with fast multi-tasking.
As reviewed in Business Insider (09/15/2013), it is advisable to check the print paper on the device or other objects that come in one package. In general, there will be a typo writing or writings also the output of a particular country. In addition, the print paper in prosthetic devices can easily be lost or faded.
When you remove the battery from the device, it will show the line of NFC the connector such as tin yellow lines. But in prosthetic devices, NFC Connector will be seen more clearly, while in the original device will look a little more impressed and protected.
Of course, the last step that can be done to detect counterfeit goods or not is to look at the quality and price. Comparison of Specs and Price Latest gadgets that you want to purchase should be appropriate. When juxtaposed with the original product, the specifications and the quality of counterfeit goods can not be outmaneuvered. And again, expensive stuff of course has its own qualities. Similarly, the original product that the average marketed at a great price.

Thus the article 10 Tips and How to Distinguish Genuine and Counterfeit Smartphone on this occasion.
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Sunday, October 19, 2014

GoPro Hero 3: Black Edition

With a lot of competition to emerge, the GoPro can not sit still while other manufacturers releasing new adventure camera better. Instead, responding to competition by issuing a GoPro video camera newest adventure series of the most powerful to date, namely the GoPro Hero3 Black Edition. This little camcorder is packed with features and more recording modes, including the ability to record 4K video compared to other camcorders, GoPro and somehow managed to do this while still offering a price below $ 400. Hero 3: Black Edition is superior hero2, despite the absence of a microphone jack on Hero3 quite frustrating.

GoPro Hero3 camcorder offers three versions, at a price of $ 199 you can get Hero3: White Edition which is basically a camcorder HD Hero with the new packaging. Hero3: Silver Edition is available at a price of $ 299, and Hero3: Black Edition, the model being reviewed today is a camcorder that really new with all new features and specifications. Price $ 399 it is the highest price of the group, but if you want to upgrade hero2, then it is quite feasible.


Hero3 hero2 looks like being on a diet. Smaller is better, right? At least that's the idea with the GoPro Hero3, where the camcorder is 30% smaller and 25% lighter than its predecessor. Because of the reduced size make new camcorder becomes thinner, you will not notice the difference if you look from the front Hero3. When looking down from above, you will see the GoPro Hero3 transform into a slender rectangle by removing a lot of space on the back. At least the smaller size should be accompanied by a new battery design in Hero3, which requires much less space than a battery that is long and thin in hero2.

Case waterproof in Hero3 also undergone some design changes, are smaller and have a locking mechanism that is enhanced and provides a flat lens space. By switching to a flat instead of a convex lens design as the hero2, Hero3 capable of producing sharper video and underwater distortion is reduced. This case also has an input button three pieces instead of two, to accommodate additional control buttons on Hero3 WiFi.

Although the new locking mechanism on the case resulted in tighter seal, it also makes it difficult to open the case. A new key has a release switch that must be pushed at once drawn to the locking clamp, this is key to minimize the possibility of inadvertently open, but at the same time it makes you much harder to open a case. If the trouble is affecting improved resistance to water, the new design GoPro course is a good thing.


The whole adventure camera improved this year, but the best the camera GoPro Hero3 Black Edition compared to other cameras. Hero3: Black Edition video recording with sharp, smooth motion and show its performance in low light conditions very well - three things that had been fought by hero2. This camcorder also continue to keep the noise level low enough and the colors are displayed accurately, although some people may prefer the color accuracy on Contour +2.

Movement and sharpness are hallmarks Hero3: Black Edition. Thanks to some frame rate options, Hero3 able to capture a variety of different objects. There is a good 60p mode for shooting fast-moving objects and there are even 24p mode which gives you a more cinematic look. High resolution recording mode, four thousand and 2.7 thousand is quite impressive, but this mode does not capture images with a sharper or more detailed than full HD 1080p. Video in high resolution mode is larger but does not allow users to cut unwanted parts, where it is still possible to full HD recording.


In the recording in bright light conditions, using automatic white balance system, Hero3 successfully minimize color error of 4.25 and the saturation level of 109%. These figures are better than hero2 produced last year, but the Contour + 2 more strongly in this test. However, this is still a good result.


Frankly, a bit absurd at the number on the frame rate option Hero3: Black Edition. GoPro managed to fit more frame rate compared to a small camcorder that is owned by another flagship camcorder, and this is a crazy thing. Do Hero3 want to go beyond the existing normality, or other camcorders far behind? Whatever that means Hero3 can record video with a spectacular show motion? You want a video that can be played back later? Record using mode 120 fps or 240 fps which is owned by Hero3: Black Edition. Want to shoot video that looks like a movie? This camcorder has several modes that allow you to record with cinematic 24fps frame rate. You need to see smooth motion detail sequence of movements? You can record full HD video at 60fps with the Hero3.

In general, Hero3 produce a video that is very smooth, especially when shooting with a frame rate of 60p. Several high-resolution recording mode such as setting 4K, does not offer the luxury of a higher frame rate so that your video will look quite choppy in this mode. However, if you remain in motion at 1080p video modes consistently look good. There are artifacts but it is not a problem in most of the pictures, the video looks fine, and remained stable in the trailing minimum conditions. Hero3 occasionally make mistakes, produce video that looks bruised and sometimes even the entire video slant to blue. This is all possible because of a processing failure when changing the recording mode, you must restart the camcorder to resolve this issue.

Resolution and Frame Rate

There is so much on the recording mode Hero3, maybe too much for some users. In addition to HD video recording 720p 1080p standard, Hero3: Black Edition has the option to record 4K Ultra HD and video 2.7k. This produces a video with a much higher resolution than regular HD video, but there are a lot of warnings related to that mode. First, most people do not have televisions or monitors are capable of displaying video at a higher resolution of 1920Ã ?? â ???? 1080. This makes the results of shooting 4K footage is less useful because there are many ways to exploit the full potential of this arrangement.

Hero3 also limit the frame rate to record 4K 15fps or 12fps which, depending on the mode used. The frame rate is too low to produce a smooth movement which means you will not want to use this setting to capture detailed action sequences that have a high speed. 2.7k setting that allows a friendly frame rate is 24fps and 30fps. Pade 1080p HD mode, Hero3 have the option of recording 60, 48, 30, or 24 fps gives you more flexibility when recording video. One thing to note, the recording of 4K and 2.7k option is only available on the Black Edition. Silver and White Edition are both only have a maximum of 1080p HD recording.


If you want to upgrade the HD hero2, Hero3: Black Edition will make you be more excited. Enhanced video performance means your video will be sharper, more detail in low light and subject movement will look smoother than when you record with hero2. In addition to being smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the WiFi function on Hero3 make a camcorder that is easier for us, especially if you have a smartphone.

Unfortunately, Hero3 smaller size also means GoPro should get rid of some of the connectivity options. There is no mic jack on Hero3, and also had to use a microSD Hero3 than regular SD memory card. However, the superior performance in Hero3: Black Edition is definitely enough to cover for the absence of public disappointment mic jack. Additionally, you can always get a USB-microphone conversion cable from GoPro that can work with this camcorder.

Even with the specifications of the world that owned this camcorder (4K recording, a variety of frame rates, 12MP photos), Hero3: Black Edition has some stiff competition from Contour. GoPro Hero3 Black Edition has an undeniable advantage when talking about the video quality, especially in low light, and the performance is so good it makes Hero3 become the latest video camera adventure series the best so far.
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