Review HTC One M8


As we know every manufacturer always has a superior product that has a high degree of specification or can be regarded as the king of the range of products. such as Samsung with the Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2. So also with HTC, HTC It has M8 M7 presented as the successor to compete with S5 galaxy or Xperia Z.HTC One M8 offers charming specifications, with a bandage design has tingggi detail. No half-hearted, HTC claims to have spent almost two years to design this M8 HTC design. Come let's peel one by one what makes HTC seem special M8, see the reviews HTC M8 below:

review htc one m8Screen - Visual Viewer
HTC Screen M8 offers not just a regular screen, it is part of a system that is designed so as to produce something really beautiful and pleasing to the eye, this might be a little Lebai, but that's the reality. HTC M8 carries a 5-inch screen size with extra high resolution is 1080 x 1920 pixels with a pixel density of 441 screen used is a Super LCD 3 with a depth of 16 million colors that have better quality than the IPS LCD. With the specification above screen, the display capable of presenting images lajam, detail, and still gentle on the eyes, and of course, no glare even if exposed to sunlight.

Users can also be freely and without fear in navigating the screen because it has been protected by Corning Gorilla Glass display 3 With these technologies could be more scratch-resistant.

Design - Form and Physical Size
HTC M8 comes with a design that is designed so that it comfortably in the hand but still able to offer a pleasant experience for the user. M8 HTC design team chose a design that extends from the sideways, so HTC M8 still fits in the user's hand despite having a 5-inch screen. The physical size M8 HTC is 146.4 x 70.6 x 9.4 mm with a weight that is not too heavy for the size of 5-inch smartphone.

Meanwhile, 90 percent of its body material using aluminum materials, thus giving the impression of a luxurious, elegant and sturdy, while the plastic packing material only at the top and a small line on the back is not too plasticity users will not be realized. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Samsung officially announced the launch of Samsung Galaxy Tab S, which is the Samsung tablet is thin and light while in New York, United States.

Tablet Samsung Paling Tipis dan RInganTablet Super AMOLED display screen incorporates the most advanced technology with a wide range of premium content to deliver cutting-edge entertainment experiences. Galaxy S is also supported by high productivity features for ease of multitasking, all packed in a stylish yet practical design.

"The tablet is going to be a personal device for viewing, or using the content, so the quality of the display it so it's very important," said JK Shin, CEO and President of IT & Mobile Division, Samsung Electronics. "With the launch of Galaxy S, Samsung has made ​​a higher standard in the industry. Consumers will have a new visual experience and entertainment with more vibrant colors are packed with beautiful casing with a slim size and ultra-portable. "

With two models slim profile of 6.6 mm and weighs just 465 g (10.5 inches) and 294 g (8.4 inches), both are so light and easy to carry. The battery is durable, backed Ultra-Power Saving mode, Galaxy Tab S allows users to be able to enjoy hours of entertainment without having to worry about recharging the batteries.

Ericsson Showcase Technology 5G speed 5Gbps

Currently the new fastest data technology offered by 4G LTE capable, and even then can only be enjoyed by the developed countries and is still in a matter of a finger. North America that has a 4G technology adoption rate in 2019 was predicted to be used by 85% of new users of mobile devices.

You can imagine how the other countries that in fact have more resources than the minimum for example Indonesia. However, these conditions do not seem to stop Ericsson to jump one step further by developing 5G technology.

ericsson-logo-blueUnmitigated, Ericsson even show off by demonstrating 5G technology they developed directly. In the presence of the senior management ranks AT & T, NTT DOCOMO and SK Telecom, Ericsson successfully presenting data rates up to 5 Gbps at a frequency of 15 GHz network. Data rates previously only existed in science fiction, now can be felt even though only a test.

Trials were held in early July 2014 and in Ericsson Lab in Kista, Sweden Ericsson evidence of expertise in creating technology capable. Though many believe the new 5G technology implementation can be done in 2020.

Readiness Ericsson brings super-fast data network through this 5G technology into fresh air. Because the need for super-fast data is increasing along with the change of trend in the use of mobile devices. In the past, the use of Internet data is dominated by desktop and notebook devices. But now enough with smartphones and tablets, users can explore the virtual world as long as there is access to the data.

Oppo Find 7a


Although regarded as a newcomer in the smartphone market, Oppo name immediately grabbed the headlines. This is not because the Chinese vendors have innovated and class of its own in the smartphone variants release. This time, as a 'warm up' from smartphone flagship Find 7, we present a review Find 7a that offer innovation and technological novelty of the Oppo.


Find exclusive impression 7a terendus so we actually see her packaging. Once opened, all eyes seemed to be deceived by the beauty of the design is packaged in the smartphone.
Structuring the physical buttons such as power and volume settings are very supportive and do not interfere with ease of use overall beauty. While at the bottom there is a micro USB port and 3.5mm audio jack is the standard smartphone today.
Wrapped in white color, in fact almost miirp Find 7a with its predecessor, the Find 5. These smartphones just look a little more sail bongsor 5.5 inches with a slimmer bezel. On the rear panel is made of plastic material that can be opened with a matte texture that makes it comfortable grip.
Behind the scenes IPS LCD is 5.5 inches wide, Find 7a offer comfort to the eye with a fairly large resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels with a pixel density of 401 ppi. Undeniably, this blend makes it a convenient smartphone for watching videos and playing games.
By doing the settings in the menu, the screen Find 7a could have exceptional sensitivity which can be used with a gloved finger. In addition, Gorilla Glass 3 chosen as the retainer is becoming the brilliance of the screen from possible scratches that do not want.
Although presented as a lite version of Find 7, in fact, have the toughness Find 7a hard to resist. In some benchmarks are used JerukNipis platform, the smartphone is very high scores memilii even beat several flagship smartphones on the market. Certainly not surprising that this handset can be used for multitasking and running heavy applications without any constraints.
This is not because the Find 7a has championed contemporary innards with a quad-core 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801, 2 GB RAM, and Adreno 330 GPU. Operaisnya For systems still remain faithful carrying Color OS developed on the basis of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

LG G3, Best Screen Phones


Latest smartphone from LG released . Korean smartphone vendor , LG has recently released a flagship LG G3 . In his presentation called the G3 carrying the LG display is much clearer and the most advanced in its class . The phone is also claimed to be the most ergonomic .

LG G3 ( by TechCrunch , Wednesday ( 05/28/2014 ) , the flagship LG G3 be one of the most anticipated in the 2014 's . It is not because of the success of the LG G2 is considered one of the best smart phone world in 2013 ago.

In his presentation, LG said G3 uses IPS screen measuring 5.5 inches . Was very high resolution , 2,560 x 1,440 pixels pixels . This results in a resolution of 538ppi screen density . The screen is claimed to be more efficient , with a refresh rate setting smart .

In a review TeknoUp , Wednesday ( 28/05/2014 ) mentioned LG G3 uses the tagline " Simple is the New Smart " KitKat 4.4.2 for Android phones this . For example, in terms of design . Although the screen size of 5.5 inches , but the LG G3 using trend that started since the LG Optimus Pro and LG G G2 , which is a super thin bezel , maintain G3 remains simple , slim and sleek . 76.4 per cent of the front of the G3 allocated to the screen , so that the ratio of the screen to the body greater than most other smartphones .

Tips on Caring And Cleaning Touchscreen Display


Currently the phone is no longer a rare commodity . Anyone can have a cell phone with a variety of makes and models are already available . There are phones that use the qwerty keypad buttons , there is a system that uses a touch screen , or better known as Touchscreen .

The touchscreen is an input device that works on a computer with a touch screen display with a finger or digital pen . When the touch screen has been widely used by manufacturing industries that require high degree of accuracy , sensitivity and high duration . Devices that use touch-screen systems are now widely found in portable computers , tablets , smartphones such as the iPhone , Android and Blackberry .

Touchscreen gadgets in the world was first introduced by Apple Mac products products issued Macs , Apple , iPod and iPad . The use of the touchscreen as well as very easy , simply touch the screen there will be a change of state ( status ) on the screen that will be translated by the software to be used as an information . Gadget that uses the touchscreen is not just limited to mobile phones only, but also laptops , camcorders , cameras and so forth . Devices using the touchscreen working system provide convenience and access credentials for users . Users do not need to bother anymore searching for the keypad buttons to access a command . But that does not mean the system is the most reliable. Of course there are also advantages and disadvantages

Weakness and Excess Usage Touchscreen

As a product , of touchscreen also has some drawbacks and advantages . Weaknesses that belongs on the touchscreen display system is a system error sometimes occurs because the software was not able to translate what the user is fed into the screen as well as a result of typing too fast . In addition to the products that use the touchscreen also has a more expensive price . In fact this device is also very sensitive and require special care . The advantages of this technology that belongs to the users no longer need to use complicated keypad buttons . Because this system has been specifically designed to provide the ease and speed of access to users . More optimal in accessing the main menu so very helpful in doing a job .

Sony Xperia Z2

After some time ago had circulated rumors and leaked some photos of this product , Sony finally officially announced their latest flagship of the Xperia family , namely Xperia Z2 on the first day in the MWC 2014. Smartphone is the next generation of Xperia Z1 brings some improvement specifications , including a faster processor and a larger battery capacity than the previous series . Overview smartphone Sony Xperia brings Z2 design that is not much different from the Xperia Z1 , which is the difference only in the Xperia Z2 is equipped with a larger screen and a thinner bezel with a metal material that surrounds the sides . Their targets were in the market by Sony 's latest flagship tion remains the same as Xperia Z1 Spetermber launched in 2013 and is targeting the High End market . For details about the features and specifications of Sony Xperia Z2 you can see reviews below.

Sony Xperia Z2