Tips on Caring And Cleaning Touchscreen Display


Currently the phone is no longer a rare commodity . Anyone can have a cell phone with a variety of makes and models are already available . There are phones that use the qwerty keypad buttons , there is a system that uses a touch screen , or better known as Touchscreen .

The touchscreen is an input device that works on a computer with a touch screen display with a finger or digital pen . When the touch screen has been widely used by manufacturing industries that require high degree of accuracy , sensitivity and high duration . Devices that use touch-screen systems are now widely found in portable computers , tablets , smartphones such as the iPhone , Android and Blackberry .

Touchscreen gadgets in the world was first introduced by Apple Mac products products issued Macs , Apple , iPod and iPad . The use of the touchscreen as well as very easy , simply touch the screen there will be a change of state ( status ) on the screen that will be translated by the software to be used as an information . Gadget that uses the touchscreen is not just limited to mobile phones only, but also laptops , camcorders , cameras and so forth . Devices using the touchscreen working system provide convenience and access credentials for users . Users do not need to bother anymore searching for the keypad buttons to access a command . But that does not mean the system is the most reliable. Of course there are also advantages and disadvantages

Weakness and Excess Usage Touchscreen

As a product , of touchscreen also has some drawbacks and advantages . Weaknesses that belongs on the touchscreen display system is a system error sometimes occurs because the software was not able to translate what the user is fed into the screen as well as a result of typing too fast . In addition to the products that use the touchscreen also has a more expensive price . In fact this device is also very sensitive and require special care . The advantages of this technology that belongs to the users no longer need to use complicated keypad buttons . Because this system has been specifically designed to provide the ease and speed of access to users . More optimal in accessing the main menu so very helpful in doing a job .

Sony Xperia Z2

After some time ago had circulated rumors and leaked some photos of this product , Sony finally officially announced their latest flagship of the Xperia family , namely Xperia Z2 on the first day in the MWC 2014. Smartphone is the next generation of Xperia Z1 brings some improvement specifications , including a faster processor and a larger battery capacity than the previous series . Overview smartphone Sony Xperia brings Z2 design that is not much different from the Xperia Z1 , which is the difference only in the Xperia Z2 is equipped with a larger screen and a thinner bezel with a metal material that surrounds the sides . Their targets were in the market by Sony 's latest flagship tion remains the same as Xperia Z1 Spetermber launched in 2013 and is targeting the High End market . For details about the features and specifications of Sony Xperia Z2 you can see reviews below.

Sony Xperia Z2

Samsung Finally Officially Releasing The Samsung Galaxy S5

After many rumors and news circulated about Samsung's latest flagship which is the successor of the Galaxy S4 , finally the corresponding predictions of Samsung's latest smartphone the Samsung Galaxy S5 finally released officially in the MWC 2014 in Barcelona Spain . If at first glance , the design of the shape of the Galaxy S5 is probably not much different from previous series of the Galaxy S4 , which changes actually seen happen in the back shell of the Galaxy S5 . Samsung calls the design of this section with the word " modern glam " . In this design the Samsung uses polycarbonate material that is mixed with glass fiber , similar to the Nexus 7 . The material is said to make use of this device does not feel slippery when used . In addition the device will also be equipped with qualified specification and features - features sophisticated , for more details on the specs and features of Samsung Galaxy S5 you can see reviews below.
Samsung Galaxy S5

Rumors about the iPhone 6


Apple seems very hungry for technology . Just got an iPhone 5S which went on sale Friday, September 20, 2013 in some countries, but the issues about the features of the iPhone 6 is also rife in the world people talk about their rise is proportional to talk about the iPhone 5S and 5C itself.

Swift sidelines news iPhone 5S , 5C , and the release of iOS 7 , many issues arise about the specifications , advantages , and other iPhone 6 is even making was not finished . At launch the iPhone 5S is successful , the world community is also awarded with a wide range of issues concerning the iPhone 6 . Here are the 'leak - leak' about Iphone 6 :

8 Samsung Galaxy Latest

This tireless vendors each month is always producing new gadgets with various innovations. Who does not know her name ? Samsung is a company that produces gadgets latest technology currently is the originator of the popular android operating system hp . Without the tire of her also create new innovations of products . Within a few months of this famous hp vendors could launch something that has always attracted the attention of consumers .

Here is the latest Samsung of 8 new products that I update for the month of February 2014 , aka the new year :
1 . Samsung Galaxy Round G910S
Samsung Galaxy Round G910S
For this product has not been sold in the Indonesian state , lead to a unique look that is a curved screen . Super Flexible AMOLED screen type capacitive touchscreen , the screen size of 1080 x 1920 pixels , 5.7 inches ( ~ 386 ppi pixel density ) Multitouch , with an internal memory of 32 GB , 3 GB of RAM , up to 64GB external , its network of primary LTE.Kamera 13 MP , 4128 x 3096 pixels , autofocus , LED flash Dual Shot , Simultaneous video and image recording , geo - tagging , touch focus , face and smile detection , image stabilization , panorama , HDR and 2MP front camera . Version of Android v4.3 ( Jelly Bean ) .

Galaxy Note 10.1 Edition 2014

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014
Samsung officially announced its newest Android tablet , the Galaxy Note 10.1 Edition 2014. The tablet actually is the next generation of Samsung's previous product with the same name . So what's the difference ? Hailed as the next generation , the Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition brings a number of changes . Significant changes include the design , the S - Pen , and screens .

Some differences in the new edition of the Galaxy Note 10.1 to the old


In terms of display , the Galaxy Note both of the first and second series are both wearing 10.1 -inch landscape display . However , the type of screen resolution and support completely different . Galaxy Note 10.1 to the new version using the screen with the kind of Super clear LCD . This screen supports the resolution is high , ie, 2,560 x 1,600 pixels . While it supports the screen ratio is 16:10 . Thanks to the ratio of the screen , all of the videos can be seen in their entirety without cutting . Meanwhile , the first edition of the Galaxy Note 10.1 wear PLS screen resolution is lower, ie 1,280 x 800 pixels .

Lenovo Vibe X

As a premium smartphone lineup , Lenovo Vibe X comes with affordable price . The design is slim and elegant can make unnerved every pair of eyes that look at him .

Specifications and features Lenovo Vibe X

Lenovo Vibe X comes with many awesome features and powered by Quad Core processor that will ensure multitasking activities could run well . Here are some reasons why Lenovo Vibe X feasible for you to have .

Sleek , Lightweight , and Awesome
This Smpartphone look awesome when seen and felt light when held . In addition , Lenovo Vibe X is one of the thinnest premium smartphone ever. With a thickness of 6.9 mm , this smartphone can fit easily in your pocket or purse , and beratnyapun only about 121 g . The design looks curved also add to the appeal of this smartphone .