Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Tablet Super AMOLED display screen incorporates the most advanced technology with a wide range of premium content to deliver cutting-edge entertainment experiences. Galaxy S is also supported by high productivity features for ease of multitasking, all packed in a stylish yet practical design. Readmore...


LG Optimus G Pro (Unlocked)

LG F240S Optimus G Pro 4G LTE is a new and updated version of Optimus G smartphone and comes with notable enhancements in display, size and processor. It features a huge 5.5-inch True Full HD IPS Plus LCD that essentially makes it a phablet. Readmore..

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Features Canon 650D and Nikon D5200 Which One is Best?

The beginner segment is always interesting to discuss, because the camera in this segment is still quite affordable but its already abundant and can be therefore people are no longer interested in buying a more expensive camera class. Readmore...

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Review OPPO Find 5

In 2013 was the triumph of mobile phones with a screen resolution of Full HD TV rival. OPPO Find 5 is one of them, 5 inch screen includes a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. This makes the screen OPPO Find 5 has a density of 441ppi, alias the same as the Sony Xperia Z and HTC Butterfly. Readmore...


9 Smartphone with Most Durable Battery in the World

9 Smartphone with Most Durable Battery in the World. In addition to its features, things we should consider when choosing smartphones are the specifications, one of which is the battery life. Smartphone useless we have a sophisticated but battery endurance for a while, we will be annoyed at having to often to charge our smartphones. Readmore...

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

SanDisk Mobile Ultra Micro SDHC

SanDisk Mobile Ultra Micro SDHC Class 10 UHS-I + Adapter - 16 GB

Add memory capacity on an Android device, smartphone, tablet or your camera with SanDisk Ultra microSDHC UHS-I Card. With a class 10 speed makes it ideal to take Full HD video. Improved transfer speeds up to 30MB / s make the loading time of the application or file on your mobile device. You also get a SD Adapter is compatible with various devices that do not have a microSD slot but has a SD slot. With a variety of capacity options, you can choose according to need.
Ideal for Taking Video Full HD
SanDisk Ultra microSDHC UHS-I Card is a memory card with the UHS-I speed class 10 which can be used to capture Full HD video quality on smartphones or tablet yours. With transfer speeds up to 30MB / s, this memory card offers you a fast file transfer speeds to move data between a PC and a smartphone or tablet.
With Easy Transfer
In SanDisk Ultra MicroSDHC UHS packaging-I SD Card includes an adapter that allows you the time to move files from a PC to a smartphone or tablet. To transfer a file, you only have to enter into a SD adapter microSDXC then input into the SD card slot on your PC.
Durability Tough
SanDisk microSDHC memory card design for a variety of conditions. This memory card is waterproof and has been tested and can last up to 72 hours in salt water and fresh water in a depth of 1 meter. Not only that, the memory card is also shockproof and can withstand shocks of up to 500Gs. You can also take the SanDisk Ultra microSDHC UHS-I Card in various weather conditions as temperature resistant from -13 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit.
Application Memory Zone
Equipped with Memory Zone app that gives you easy to access, back up all of the digital data from the phone memory and put it in the cloud services.
Here the best product :
SanDisk 32GB Ultra Class 10 Micro SDHC up to 48MB/s with Adapter (SDSDQUAN-032G-G4A) [Newest Version]
SanDisk 32GB Ultra Class 10 Micro SDHC up to 48MB/s with Adapter (SDSDQUAN-032G-G4A) [Newest Version]
SanDisk 64GB Ultra Class 10 Micro SDXC up to 48MB/s with Adapter (SDSDQUAN-064G-G4A) [Newest Version]
SanDisk 64GB Ultra Class 10 Micro SDXC up to 48MB/s with Adapter (SDSDQUAN-064G-G4A) [Newest Version]
SanDisk Ultra 32GB MicroSDHC Class 10 UHS Memory Card Speed Up To 30MB/s With Adapter, Frustration-Free Packaging - SDSDQU-032G-AFFP-A [Old Version]
SanDisk Ultra 32GB MicroSDHC Class 10 UHS Memory Card Speed Up To 30MB/s With Adapter, Frustration-Free Packaging - SDSDQU-032G-AFFP-A [Old Version]
SanDisk 32GB Extreme U3/UHS-I SDHC with up to 60MB/s Read; 40MB/s Write (SDSDXN-032G-G46) [Newest Version]
SanDisk 32GB Extreme U3/UHS-I SDHC with up to 60MB/s Read; 40MB/s Write (SDSDXN-032G-G46) [Newest Version]
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Sunday, September 7, 2014

12 Tips on Photographing Using Smartphone Camera

On this occasion we will share a bit of the Digital Photography Tips 12 Tips Photographing Using Smartphone Camera .
Mobile has changed its name to smart phones aka smartphones  thanks to the addition of features beyond its normal capabilities. One is the addition of a camera. 
Quite a lot of users  of smartphones  that rely solely on the mobile phone cameras and photographic documentation for the device. However, many of those who are less satisfied with the picture is. They often complain of the quality of the picture, both in terms of image quality and the picture quality of the content itself.
Here are  12 Tips on Photographing Using Smartphone Camera  from  Richard Koci Hernandez.
Lighting Issues
Take a photo in good light conditions-morning or late afternoon-has the possibility to change the image used to be incredible!
Do not Use the Zoom Feature
Results zooming of very bad phone and could be the beginning of a bad result. If you want to get the image closer, come closer with your legs, not with the zoom button.
Key Exposure and Focus
With the default camera app, tap / tap and hold the shutter button. When the flashing box sign, meaning that exposure and focus are locked. New take full image by pressing the shutter button or removing the finger from the screen.
Edit and Select the Best Photos
Hold yourself, do not  share all your shots.  Posting  or  share  only the good results to your followers, for example in Instagram, increases. "We do not want to see 1000 photos of your children, show only the most good!"
Never Too High Assessing Technical Issues
The technical problem is not a frightening specter, but train your ability to make observations that increases your photographic technique.
Learn to observe and look in more depth
Filters can not replace good eye. Note the moment, the light, and its object. If you are going to add sepia, black and white, or other filters later, go ahead. For the purposes of journalism, which should leave the filter name.
Secretly snap to get a natural result
Perform shooting secretly that human object does not know that the picture is being taken. The tendency of a person to know when being photographed is the style: the result is very natural.
Create Target and Deadline
Take 20 images for one object from different angles. You will see that the world looks different when viewed from different angles. Even if you just walked around a cup of coffee in the kitchen, will look different camera angles and lighting fell on him.
Know what you want to see before you can view
Make a list of what you want your photo today and find out. This will hone your intuition and experience.
Learn How it Works Other Photographers
Another way photographers take pictures would be a source of inspiration for you. Many things that were previously unthinkable became obvious after making observations. ATM: observe, imitate, modified to obtain better results.
Always Ready Alert and Focus
Make sure when your heart and mind say "Shoot!", Your camera is ready pressed. Do not let the camera / cell phone still in your pocket, in your purse, or up in the toilet.
Smartphones have cameras
Eleventh tips above are useless without the last tips, you can not take a photo without you using a camera.
So 12 Tips Photographing Using Smartphone Camera , may be useful and can be a reference for you.
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Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet, World's Slimmest Tablet

As many predicted long before the event Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA) 2014, 5 to 10 September 2014. In the previous post author describes a number of smartphones that will be in the release even though not all of the authors mentioned, please read our previous post:  At least 10 smartphones to be unveiled at IFA  2014, and not only but a number phablet android smartphone and android tablet also introduced by a number of manufacturers electronics. Call it a Sony with the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet, Asus Memo Pad tablet 7nya Asus, Lenovo with Lenovo and Samsung Tab 8 with their latest tablet is a tablet Hero 8.
The thinnest tablet, the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet, IFA 2014
This time we will explore the tablet Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Tablet which has a thinner design than the Asus Memo Pad 7, 8 Tab Lenovo or Samsung Hero 8. Sony Xperia Z3 Compact only has a thickness of 0.64 cm. The tablet will be the thinnest tablet and well as the lightest in the world. following advantages - there are other advantages in the Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet this Compact:

  1. Tablet thinnest and lightest in the world.
  2. One - the only tablet that can currently control (remote) PS4.
  3. Waterproof and dustproof (Water and dust resistant).
  4. Designed with a screen 8 "Full HD TRILUMINOS with Live Colour LED technology.
  5. Using the world's fastest processor (Qualcomm Snapdragon ™ 801 processor with a 2.5 GHz quad-core CPUs).
  6. Supported by a large battery power, lasting up to 13 hours when used to play movies / video, wow.
Hmmm seems like the author started to think hard, how to have this tablet :).

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At least 10 smartphones to be unveiled at IFA 2014

IFA2014, Berli Germany, the latest android smartphoneAlmost all observers true smartphone - really confused which should be monitored, or maybe if you also want to buy a smartphone and wait for information about specifications - specifications that you will choose to continue to monitor the latest information with respect thereto. Which one would you choose? monitor and keep looking for news about the iPhone 6 is scheduled to be introduced Apple is dated 9 September 2014, or agenda planned IFA 2014 in Berlin Germany dated 5 to 10 September 2014, which will present information about android smartphones.

But of course that will eventually make you confused and have to decide where you are going to buy is when you monitor android smartphone. Because at least you will see the hardware specs and features - features that are shared 10 android smartphone that will certainly introduced at IFA 2014. Here's to 10 smartphone:

  1. Huawei Ascend Mate 7: The device is rumored to be present with a 6-inch 1080p display, 13 megapixel camera, fingerprint scanner and great battery capability.
  2. Lumia 730 smartphone is mid-range has a codename Superman rumors if this device is suitable for use as perangkt selfi2an, because it has a 5-megapixel front camera.
  3.  Well here's Lumia 830 Lumia device 1020 suitable for you who have a hobby as a photographer.Reportedly Lumia 830 has a 20 megapixel camera with a camera module PureView big in the back, similar to 1020.
  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 4   This time Samsung puts technology on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to this, with a 1440 × 2560 display with a 5.7 ​​inch Snapdragon processor 805 and may also be implanted 4GB of RAM. S Pen also be integrated with this device.
  5. LG G3 Stylus.  Device will be a competitor for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
  6. Sony Xperia E3. Sony may reveal model and affordable price for this E3 Xperia. And rumors are circulating this device uses a 1.2 GHz Snapdragon processor and a 4.8-inch screen 400.
  7. Sony Xperia Z3.  Rumors evolve if there is no significant change to this Z3 Xperia Xperia compared to Z2. However, the increase in the specifications for this device.
  8. Sony Xperia Z3 Compact.  Besides launching the Sony Xperia Z3, Sony will also release the Xperia Z3 Compact that will come with a screen smaller than the Xperia Z3 but have the same hardware specs with the Xperia Z3.
  9. Moto X + 1. Probably not much has changed from the previous Moto X but reported an increase in the side of the camera will be found on this device.
  10. Moto G +. All know if Moto G is the best smartphone Motorola, and we'll see what changes will be made ​​by Motorola, which reportedly improve the specification for Moto G + but will be offered at an affordable price.
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Friday, September 5, 2014

IPhone Photo Backup

appleWith the increasing popularity of portable iPhone camera, you have to know how her how to backup photos from your iPhone. This guide was written based on iOS 7, Mac OS X 10.9.3 (Mavericks), and Windows 7, but also will keep working on the old version of OS X, Windows XP and Windows 8.

It's important to know where will you keep backupsof your pictures, but usually you will perform a backup at least at one of the locations below:
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Services cloud (like iCloud, Dropbox, Google+, OneDrive, etc.)
There are pros and cons in each method, so after reading the guidelines below, you can determine where the most convenient place to store your according to your photos.
Backup for Mac
If you mem- backup to your Mac, you should have the option to use iPhoto if you have installed , if not, the Image Capture application 's built-in is enough. We prefer to use the Image Capture application because it is easier, but if you organize all your photos in iPhoto, then you better enter your photos in iPhoto.
Backup Using the Image Capture:
  1. Run the Image Capture from folders of your application
  2. Connect your iPhone to your Mac via a USB cable
  3. If you want the photo removed from your iPhone after you copy all the photos on your Mac, check thecheckbox at the bottom left that says " Delete after import "
  4. Choose where would you store your photos in the " Import to "
  5. If you want to copy all the photos from the iPhone, then select " Import All ". If you want to copy the selected photos, highlight the photos you want and click " Import "
Backup Using iPhoto:
  1. Run the application iPhoto
  2. connect your iPhone to your Mac via a USB cable
  3. Select your iPhone under Devices tab ( Device ) on the left
  4. Write the title of the album
  5. Uncheck the checkbox " Split Events "if you do not want your image divided by date
  6. If you want to select certain photographs, click on the " Import Photos X "where X is the number of photos on your iPhone
  7. Once your photo is copied to your Mac, you can choose to delete the photo from the iPhone or not
Backup to Windows 
There are two ways To distinguish backup your photos to Windows, first use the File Explorer of Windows, the second way is using a photo copy. We recommend to use the File Explorer of Windows because it is easier to process.
Backup Files Using Windows Explorer:
  1. Download and install iTunes on your PC
  2. Connect the iPhone to your PC using a USB cable
  3. If you do not have permission to access your PC via the data your iPhone, iTunes will ask your permission to gain access to the data on your iPhone. Click " Continue "to allow
  4. iPhone will ask your permission if you believe your PC is connected to the iPhone. Press the " Trust"on your iPhone.
  5. Once completed, you will see your iPhone will appear in the File Explorer of your computer
  6. Double-click on the iPhone and are looking for where you save the photo, which is usually located in the folder " DCIM "
  7. Copy (or cut if you want to delete the photos from your iPhone) the photo you want to backup
  8. Paste the photos in the folder that you want in a PC
Photo Importing Using Backup Tool Installed:
  1. Download and install iTunes on your PC
  2. Connect the iPhone you into PC via cable USB
  3. If you do not have permission to access your PC via the data your iPhone, iTunes will ask your permission to gain access to the data on your iPhone. Click " Continue "to allow
  4. iPhone will ask your permission if you believe your PC is connected to the iPhone. Press the " Trust"on your iPhone
  5. Once that's done , you will see the iPhone you show up in File Explorer to your computer
  6. Right click on the iPhone you and select Import pictures and videos "
  7. In the new window that appears , you can ( optionally) click on the Import settings " to configure the details, such as where you want to backup your photos and if you want to delete photos from the iPhone you after import , as well as other settings
  8. Click Import " and photos you will be a backup to your PC .
Backup to Cloud Services:
Now the storage cloud is getting cheaper, you may have to weigh backup your photos on the service cloud .The guide below will tell you how to backup your photos directly from the iPhone to the service cloud .
There are several advantages to using the service cloud compared to a Mac or PC, namely:
  • Without having to connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac
  • Photos you remain safe even if your PC or Mac theft
  • Depending on the service backup , mem- can automatically backup your photos without having to remind you in advance
  • Depending on the service backup , you can access your photos from other devices.
Disadvantages of the service cloud itself, namely:
  • No storage space for your PC or Mac. Example, Dropbox only provides 2GB of space when you first register
  • Your photos should be uploaded to the service backup , the process will be slow (especially for those who have the internet speed is slow)
Backup to iCloud:
Apple allow you to make backups of your photos to iCloud service, if you want it, you have to activate it through:
  1. Open the Settings
  2. Tap on iCloud
  3. Press the Storage & Backup
  4. Make sure iCloud Backup is active
It's important to remember that during the backup to iCloud it is very easy because it is integrated with your iPhone, on the other hand you can not bring a personal photo from iCloud backup.
With the recent announcement of Apple about iOS and OSX 10:10 8 Yosemite, Apple has made some improvements on how much you do backup your photos to your Mac via the cloud.
Backup to Dropbox Corousel by:
  1. Make sure you have a Dropbox account
  2. Download and install the Carousel of Dropbox
  3. Sign in using your Dropbox account and let the application run.
Remember, if you want your photos be backups correctly, you must ensure that you have the storage space on Dropbox to store the photos.
Backup OneDrive to Microsoft:
  1. Make sure you have a Microsoft account
  2. Download and install OneDrive
  3. Log in with your Microsoft account, turn Backup Camera when asked and let the application run.
Also you must remember that if you have the storage space on OneDrive to store the photos.
Backup to Google+:
  1. Make sure you have a Google+ account
  2. Download and install Google+
  3. Sign in using your Google account and turn on Auto-Backup
To distinguish Google+ lets you backup photos and unlimited video for free, but if you have a photo with a size larger then Google will turn it into a standard size.
The thing to remember when backup storage services using cloud
Use the backup data if you have very large data use, better make sure that you only do a backup of your photos only when using Wi-Fi.
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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Nintendo Reveals 3DS Console newest variant, Let Us Peek!

Whether you are a gamers? if yes, you are certainly familiar with this one variant gamers. Nintendo, this game is still in demand by many gamers. And now Nintendo brings the good news that they are officially announced its newest console.
nintendo console
This new console is a gaming device that is equipped with an analog stick and a more powerful CPU capabilities. Both new console labeled LL 3DS and 3DS is scheduled to be released in the first country of Japan in October 2014.
The announcement was delivered by Nintendo via live streaming on last Friday. Where on the occasion, Nintendo revealed that both this new product will be coming soon with a design that is cool and interesting. In terms of its body is also equipped with a small analogue or so-called 'nub' is deliberately added on the right side of the face buttons.
In addition to increase in terms of design, Nintendo also presents buttons - new buttons on the rear side of the console. The new button is placed right next to the L and R. The Nintendo's own claim that the new game console is equipped with a more powerful CPU and a chip that is able to support the 'Amiibo Figure'.
And the NFC feature can be utilized by gamers to be able to connect to some games like Super Smash Bros. and many more. In addition, Nintendo also gave rise to the embedded software on a new console, it is proved by the decision of Nintendo to block websites - websites with adult content.
This was done to failure by keeping the content in a safe condition if for consumption of children - children. However, if there are adult gamers who want to keep open the website can pay with a credit card. In this way, it can ensure that they are of legal age.
For the price, the price of the 3DS console itself is priced at 154 USD  in two color variants namely black and white. As for the price of the 3DS LL Console itself pegged to the price of 181 USD .

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Ways Flashing / Reinstall On All Android Devices

Ways Flashing / Reinstall On All Android DevicesMay have been many articles that discuss how to flash the Android ROM on the internet, but there may be some users that there are still many android also looking for articles that explain how to flashing with easy and simple, and therefore here I will try to share how easy it is and easy-hopefully this way I share quite understandable, especially aimed at the beginner android users. Before entering the flashing tutorial to better understand how you first know the definition and function of Flashing. Flashing is a technique in the process of re-install the operating system in android device which is useful to improve and update the software that is damaged / corupt, flashing is usually done on an android device that has experienced bootloop / restart repeatedly. Not only that, flashing can also upgrade or downgrade to the android operating system. Flashing is usually carried out for a variety of causes such as mobile phones are not normal anymore. Maybe also because android frequent errors, slow. average as most of the cases, which occurred android bootloop when turned on just until the logo alone, it is usually because it failed to install a custom rom, one modding, etc.. I share this tutorial is general, so you can apply to all versions of android smartphone Immediately following the tutorial How to Flashing / Reinstall On All Android devices: There are Some Requirements To flash the ROM Android include:

  1. Previous Android Smartphone you have already installed the application for data recovery such as Amon_RA, ClockworkMod (CWM), Potatoshare recovery, MIUI recovery, etc.. 
  2. Custom ROM / firmware that will be in the flashing should have qualified dimodif or made ​​specifically for your Android smartphone device like original stock ROM vendor default or custom ROM developer made (third party). 
  3. It has been installed microSD android smartphone, which serves as a temporary storage place on a custom ROM

ROM Flashing Method 
Once the above requirements are met, then you can follow the steps below flashing this ROM:

  • Prepare first custom ROM which will be flashing. This custom ROM file can be found on Google or various forums like xda developers, DJ, Facebook Group and android developers sites, search for the appropriate type of your cell phone. Usually, stock or custom file extension zip ROM. Or you also can create their own ROM with the various tools available on this link
  • After the file you have got a custom ROM, place the file on the SD Card, you simply plug the micro SD card on Android devices and make sure the micro SD Android devices unreadable by the system and do not forget to set and create a folder for the file storage. 
  • Then Disable the smartphone / android phone you then go into recovery mode. 
  • Still in recovery mode, after that you do a backup first ROM is mounted. It is very important to restore or restore data to its original state as if the flashing process fail later. 
  • Perform a data wipe / reset, wipe cache partition and wipe Dalvik cache. Thus the operating system on your Android device ROM has been erased completely. 
  • The next step is Flashing / install ROMs. Still in recovery mode, you select and install Zip from SD Card / looking flash zip from SD Card that have previously been saved to the folder you created earlier on the SD Card.
  • When finished do a flash confirmation by following the instructions on the screen (due to the touch screen function is not working at the time of recovery mode, then to move the cursor up and down you can press the volume up and down button and press the home button for yes option. 
  • Finish. please do restart by choosing reboot system now.
How easy is not flashing on android device? Hopefully you do not have problems in applying this simple tutorial. sorry if the tutorial above there are many shortcomings. A few article I share this time about the way Flashing / Re-Install At All Android devices, may be useful. Thank you for visiting.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

6 Smartphone Best for Game

Mobile phones or HP has developed into a very real device to be used as a medium of entertainment like playing games. Unfortunately not all smartphones have the ability to run the latest games. 6 Smartphone Here is a special game that we think have a specification for processing such data quickly added with graphic quality above average.

Apple iPhone 5S

Apple iPhone 5S

When it comes to the gaming sector, there will be no doubt on the iPhone 5S to run the latest applications and updates for one of the best handsets in the market. GPU performance is very high and the IPS are able to manage the available resources can provide a great experience for its users. Collection of games found on the App Store is also very large so that phones with this model is perfect for those who love to play games. One of the problems faced by Apple iPhone 5S is visible screen size so small that it can inhibit control in playing a game. 



LG G2 has the best analysis of the average for the latest three-dimensional run applications from Google Play. This device is a large screen with Full HD resolution makes the game easier to control, and not blocked by your fingers. 

LG Google Nexus 5

LG Google Nexus 5

Before the release of the Nexus 5, this device has given a good impression on the world with benchmarknya results. The main advantage of this device is the presence in the original version of the Android system so that the processor does not waste time on features that are installed by default by the manufacturer. Powerful hardware, Pure Android, and large-screen full HD resolution is this factor that makes the Nexus 5 is very good for running the latest games applications. 

Lumia Nokia 1520

Nokia Lumia 1520

Lumia 1520 is one of the latest release of Nokia which is considered as the most powerful mobile phone manufacturers in the world. High-level definition display with a large size capable of delivering stunning images and has plenty of room for your fingers to control the game. processor and graphics chip found on the Nokia Lumia 1520 is guaranteed to be very fast to run the latest games without any trouble. One disadvantage of this type of phone is the amount of games that can be used by Windows Phone is still very limited. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

3 Smartphone Galaxy Note is one of the most powerful gadget with 800 Snapdragon processor and 3 GB of RAM to process with highest performance. This phone is a perfect choice for those who want to play games without the need to shut down other applications. 

Sony Xperia Z1

Sony Xperia Z1

As we know that the Xperia Z1 is one of the best gadget in 2013 Mobile is focused on multimedia resources, has the highest quality cameras and other features are impressive. When it comes to game play, Sony Xperia Z1 able to run the latest applications without worrying about the performance will be reduced, in addition to the big screen with a great degree of definition is to make users comfortable in playing the game.
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