Tuesday, September 3, 2013

7 Android advantages when compared to the iPhone


android vs iphoneInevitably, Android and iPhone is the most popular smart phone platform today . Other mobile platforms , such as Windows Phone and BlackBerry , is still quite far behind to simply approach the number two market share .
Of course , both Android and iPhone , has advantages and disadvantages of each . However , there are some features that Android is still not in the iPhone .
What is it ? Here are 7 exclusive features that exist only in Android , as quoted by Business Insider .
1 . The larger screen
One of the things that made the difference between Android and the iPhone are the ones who developed the device . Only Apple is developing its own iPhone , while Android seems like the project " mob " all the vendors .
It would be profitable for the design of the Android device . With so many vendors who develop Android -based devices , will be the more Android phone models are born .
These devices were finally comes in a variety of screen sizes . Android based phones have varied screen sizes , from 3 inches to 7 inches . Most of the Android devices with landscape screens already released more than 4 inches .

Meanwhile , the iPhone until now has only two screen sizes , that is 3.5 inches ( up to the first -generation iPhone 4S ) and 4 inches ( iPhone 5 ) .
For business display , Android can indeed boasted , " Our devices have a screen with a larger size than the iPhone " .
2 . Support for SD cards
There are only four capacities are available for the iPhone , that is 8 , 16 , 32 , and 64 GB . The fourth capacity is set in stone because the iPhone does not provide a SD card slot . This means that users can not add a memory card to expand capacity.
Different from the iPhone , the majority of Android -based devices are equipped with a memory card support . For example , if a device internal media capacity of 64 GB and it supports 64 GB memory card , these products have a total storage capacity of 128 GB .
3 . Can replace the battery
IPhone unibody design is cool . However , this design makes battery components can not be assembled . That is, if there is damage or battery start " leaking " , users can not change their own components.
Most of the Android product comes with the ability to swap batteries . Yes , there are some devices that can not be exchanged batteries because it uses unibody design . However , the design is only held by a small device .
4 . Screen customization with widgets , applications , wallpapers and animations
iOS , the operating system used on the iPhone , has had its own pakemnya . Users can not tamper with the home screen by adding application shortcuts in that section . Users also can not enter an alias animated moving wallpaper .
While Android users have more freedom to do the customization . Users can add widgets , such a shortcut that allows the user to use the features of an application without having to open it , on the home screen . He also supports in the form of animated wallpapers and home screens can be added to a variety of application shortcuts .
5 . Digital map application better
Inevitably, the Google Maps application is much better than Apple Maps. Google Maps can display data that is more accurate than Apple 's maps app .
Indeed, the iPhone users can download applications via the App Store Google Maps . However , Android users already enjoy the application directly , without having to download it first .
6 . Android uses a standard USB charger
iPhone 5 comes with the charger port is different from the preceding generation , from 30 pins to 8 pins only . This will bother people who have a variety of Apple mobile devices . Imagine , what if the user brings the old generation iPhone , iPad 2nd generation , as well as the iPhone 5 . Surely , he must bring two types of charger at once .
This is different from Android users . On average , the same type of charger used , namely micro USB . Users only need to carry one type of charger to charge different types of phones .
7 . Google Data synchronization is very easy
Android users simply enter their Google account to your phone and automatically all the Google apps will synchronize . Phone will automatically download the inbox in Gmail , bookmark data directly switch to Chrome in mobile phones , and many other conveniences .
Meanwhile , iPhone users have to enter the data one by one to your account each Google application .

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